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We specialize in drug addiction treatment in Canada. Our goal is to educate our clients on the various platforms of rehab available to drug addicts and alcoholics. We place a high value on the education of family members and loved ones of the alcoholics and addicts so that they may be afforded the opportunity to become part of recovery rather than just hopelessly looking on. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and at the cutting edge of every philosophy used to rehabilitate drug addicts and alcoholics. We are happy to discuss all the pros and cons of addiction treatment options including Twelve Step, Bio-Physical, Behavior Modification and Religious platforms of rehabilitation. The final step is to actually help with the selection of an ideal drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility in your area to ensure the highest likelihood of rehab success and continuing sobriety.


Drug Rehab CanadaDrug Rehab Canada

Drugs is a term used to encompass a wide variety of substances usually of a narcotic nature and always mood altering. Some substances which fall under this heading are Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Heroin, GHB, Oxycontin, Ecstasy, Marijuana and Prescription Drugs. In addition to these illegal substances, many prescribed medications are often abused. Because addiction to certain substances complicates the detoxification process, special attention should be paid to ensure rehabilitation attempts are done safely. Drug addiction is often far more disruptive to the individual than alcoholism, and the indicators of a problem are far more observable. Additionally, the risks of serious injury and death are realized far more rapidly in an addict than in an alcoholic. Most drugs destroy lives so rapidly that addicts end up imprisoned or dead before a long history of use can be achieved. At Addiction Enders we specialize in locating the ideal drug rehab treatment center in Canada for every situation. We strive to ensure the addict is matched with a safe rehabilitative environment which will feel natural, warm and welcoming.
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Alcohol Rehab CanadaAlcohol Rehab Canada

Alcoholism is an addiction which affects millions of Canadians. It is an extremely invasive and degenerative condition which has an extremely long destruction curve which means alcoholics can spend an entire lifetime with this condition before realizing the risk of death or serious illness. Unfortunately, in many cases, alcoholism isn't caught until much later in life. Situations like this present specific requirements when trying to locate an adequate Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility. Once a person has a physical dependency on alcohol the detoxification process is quite dangerous; there is serious risk of stroke, seizure, heart attack or death.

At Addiction Enders we are aware of the serious risks associated with alcoholism, recovery and detoxification (detox) and we can aid in the selection of a treatment facility that will safely detoxify and rehabilitate an alcoholic.
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Intervention Services in CanadaIntervention Services in Canada

If you are looking to consult with a professional interventionist we proudly endorse the services of Global Interventions for Intervention and related Services in Canada. If you are planning a Family Intervention and not planning to work with or consult a professional Interventionist you are strongly advised to take some time and read through our intervention section and feel free to contact us for advice. When confronting an addict about their drug or alcohol use, it is essential to be calm and rational. Being informed is what allows loved ones of addicts to proceed in a calm and rational manner.

When approaching an addict regarding his or her addiction, one should refrain from being condescending. The addict is usually ashamed of their addiction and therefore will be quite defensive. Help should always come in the form of options; try to avoid making the addict have to make decisions on their own. A clearly defined set of boundaries should be put in place to keep the addict from being enabled to continue using drugs or alcohol. Support only those actions which contribute to recovery, and strongly oppose all others. When possible, a professional should be consulted. Contact Addiction Enders for such consultation or for a referral to ensure the intervention goes well. Remember, the purpose is to assert your will to save the user's life and get them into a successful drug or alcohol treatment center nothing more.
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