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The founders of Addiction Enders are regular people who have struggled with addiction, regular people who have overcome their addictions and are now living normal, healthy lives.

We believe we can help you because we know from first-hand experience what it's like to be addicted, but more importantly, we know what it takes to overcome addiction.

My name is Fraser Cooke and I am the administrator of Addiction Enders. My main goal is to help people struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism as well as their families to get informed about their addictions and the various forms of treatment available. I have extensive experience working in various treatment centers across Canada and the United States. I have made it my purpose to be as well informed as possible on the various platforms of rehabilitation including: Twelve-Step, Behavior Modification, Bio Physical, and Religious as well as all of the North American rehabilitation locations where treatment is available. These are the four main platforms for rehabilitation which exist today and all specific facilities rely in part or fully on one or more of these strategies to cure addiction.

I have noticed time and time again that when the families of a loved alcoholic or addict embark on a journey to find help for this individual they commonly run in to the same obstacles over and over. First there is a lack of quality Rehabilitation Services in their area or the facilities in their area are poorly marketed and are difficult to contact. Second that is difficult to actually get a representative on the phone to discuss the treatment options, program costs, waiting lists and entrance requirements. Third and possibly the most important is that no one will take the time to explain the rehabilitation process to them and to assess to individual needs of the addict in an effort to join him /her with a rehab facility that is most likely to be successful for them.

At Addiction Enders we have invested countless hours to build an intimate understanding of the various addiction therapy options and how they relate to different personality types.  I have also spent a great deal of time to develop a relationship with various treatment facilities and rehab providers in every province across Canada. This is a panel of knowledge and experience I would like to freely pass along to those who need it most. As I myself am a recovered addict it is my strict belief that if I don’t put my life’s experience to work in an effort to benefit those still fighting with addiction then there truly was no purpose in getting clean and all of my life’s experience would be wasted.

When you contact Addiction Enders, you will be speaking to a person who has "seen it all." Nothing you say will shock us, and we will provide you, at no cost, information on the best options for your recovery from addiction.

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Donations - Help Addiction Enders Help Others

At the rehab placement referral service we are providing help and advice free of charge to all who seek our help. Our motivation is to help addicts get their lives back on track again and to ‘make the world a better place’.
However, we are occasionally asked by grateful clients if they can make a donation to Addiction Enders as a gesture of gratitude for, in their words, “the excellent, insightful referral” we’ve made or for “the hours of counseling above and beyond the call of duty” or for our “patience and understanding” or “doing what they’ve been unable to do (get their son/daughter into treatment) for the last three years.”

We certainly don’t expect anything, but if you feel so inclined, we wouldn’t refuse. You can be sure that any funds received will be used for the purposes stipulated by you,  or they will go back into the website to improve the quality and reach of our services so that more and more people can experience the joy of being “Addiction Enders.” Please contact Fraser if you wish to help.

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