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crystal meth rehabCrystal Meth Rehab in Canada
Knowledge is power, yet do you really know the disastrous effects of crystal meth? Commonly sold on the street and “cooked” in clandestine labs, crystal meth is a vile and poisonous drug extremely popular in Canada - and that’s only part of the problem. Unlike other types of drugs, crystal meth is highly addictive. A user is much likely to become addicted simply after one use; putting his own health in peril and continually resorting to dealers for more. Police have reported that in several cases, crystal meth has been sold as ecstasy in parties. Its effects might be appealing to some, but they will never come close to outweigh the deadly and extremely harmful side effects.

Crystal Meth Addiction
Immediately after smoking the drug or injecting it intravenously, the user experiences an intense rush or "flash" that lasts only a few minutes and is described as extremely pleasurable. Snorting or oral ingestion produces euphoria - a high but not an intense rush. Snorting produces effects within 3 to 5 minutes, and oral ingestion produces effects within 15 to 20 minutes.
As with similar stimulants, methamphetamine most often is used in a "binge and crash" pattern. Because tolerance for methamphetamine occurs within minutes - meaning that the pleasurable effects disappear even before the drug concentration in the blood falls significantly - users try to maintain the high by binging on the drug.
In the 1980's, "ice," a smokable form of methamphetamine, came into use. Ice is a large, usually clear crystal of high purity that is smoked in a glass pipe like crack cocaine. The smoke is odorless, leaves a residue that can be resmoked, and produces effects that may continue for 12 hours or more.

Methamphetamine is commonly known as "speed," "meth," and "chalk." In its smokable form, it is often referred to as "ice," "crystal," "crank," and "glass." It is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. The drug was developed early in this century from its parent drug, amphetamine, and was used originally in nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers. Methamphetamine's chemical structure is similar to that of amphetamine, but it has more pronounced effects on the central nervous system. Like amphetamine, it causes increased activity, decreased appetite, and a general sense of well-being. The effects of methamphetamine can last 6 to 8 hours. After the initial "rush," there is typically a state of high agitation that in some individuals can lead to violent behavior.

Risks for contracting HIV and Hepatitis B and C
Increased HIV and hepatitis B and C transmission are likely consequences of increased methamphetamine abuse, particularly in individuals who inject the drug and share injection equipment. Infection with HIV and other infectious diseases is spread among injection drug users primarily through the re-use of contaminated syringes, needles, or other paraphernalia by more than one person. In nearly one-third of Americans infected with HIV, injection drug use is a risk factor, making drug abuse the fastest growing vector for the spread of HIV in the nation.

Effective drug treatment for methamphetamine users
At this time the most effective treatment for methamphetamine addiction are cognitive behavioral interventions combined with a rigorous residential treatment program. This approach is designed to help modify the patient's thinking, expectancies, and behaviors and to increase skills in coping with various life stressors. Methamphetamine recovery support groups also appear to be effective adjuncts to behavioral interventions that can lead to long-term drug-free recovery and continuing healthy life choices.

Crystal Meth Rehab Centers
Drug rehab centers
have different aspects. You have out-patient programs, residential programs, meetings, detox clinics etc. Depending of the severity of the addiction, one center can apply while some other ones may not. This is why a good assessment is needed to determine the appropriate type of drug rehab center.

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