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Drug Abuse Treatment - RehabDrugs are a term that encompasses a large number of different substances which are complicated and often not well understood by onlookers. Although anyone who knows and addict will say I knew something was wrong, you will often hear that they didn’t understand how a substance could become so important to them and take over the way they did. Drugs do have two specific ways that they control their users as both mental and physical dependencies occur depending on which substances are consumed and in what quantities.

The Physical Dependency is the matter I will take up first as it is very severe when it occurs. There are certain substances that when consumed on a regular basis become depended on by the body the extent that certain body systems will shut down if the substance is discontinued abruptly. When a person abruptly discontinues usage of a drug they have become dependent on it is advised that this take place under the supervision of a trained professional as the possible reactions are vast and serious. People withdrawing from drug on which they depend can encounter mild to grand maul seizures also elevated blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The psychological aspects of drug addiction are far more devious and difficult to comprehend. This is a world where normal truly becomes a thing of the past as new neural pathways are created the first time substances like cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and oxycontin are consumed there fore a rapid change in thought. Also the dopamine receptors and pleasure centers are over stimulated to the point that going with out these extra stimuli result in drastic bouts with depression. This drastically distorted mental chemistry will right itself but it takes an amount of time often reflected by the length of time the individual used those drugs. This is where gaining a proper understanding of addiction can help with relapse prevention and cravings when one can identify them as such they are easier to get over with out the use of prescription medication.

At Addiction Enders we have done extensive research into all aspects of traditional and modern drug treatment. We are glad to be able to share this knowledge with those who will benefit from it. Our goal is to help those struggling with addiction to seek out and attain the treatment they require to live healthy, successful and productive lives. Please ask us about the different addiction treatment options available. Learn more about drug addiction treatment in Canada.

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