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Addiction Enders is a free service to help residents of Toronto understand the drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment options available in the greater Toronto area. We offer over the phone advice to anyone Suffering from an addiction, either theirs or that of a loved one. We intend to clarify the addiction treatment options for people and get them on the road to recovery. Our specially trained Rehab placement specialists are standing by and awaiting your call we have a profound knowledge of the substance abuse facilities available to all residents of Toronto and southern Ontario please call today 1-800-419-7941.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Toronto
Toronto's iconic skyline is known the world over and is a symbol of everything Canadian. Toronto has also developed a significant reputation as a nation wide hub for drug trafficking and gang activity simply stated the under world of Toronto is vast and the most common currency available to that underworld is drugs and profits made on their distribution. With the Largest population in Canada Toronto has a serious and far reaching drug problem. Toronto drug rehabilitation services are also abundant both private and Government sponsored options are available in fact toronto also boasts the Largest compliment of addiction treatment services in all of Canada and drug rehabilitation, Alcohol rehabilitation and detoxification are quite available to people in Toronto.

We understand the unique needs of those suffering from chemical dependency in the Toronto area, if you or a loved on require any advice or telephone numbers for addiction treatment centers in Toronto or the GTA Please call one of our counselors today and let the healing process begin. Toronto has many substance abuse treatment centers offering various types of drug rehabilitation and alcohol addiction treatment from twelve step programs including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is available as well as new age treatment such as holistic and Bio-Physical rehabilitation programs.

In Toronto it is found that the drug areas are very much divided and spread out through each of the communities there is not a central “drug district” as in other cities where measures have been taken to localize the drug activity in to one area of the city in an effort to contain the activity and monitor what goes on within the drug community. Toronto has a drug problem that affects every community within the Greater Toronto Area and the 50 or so facilities in Toronto are struggling to keep up with the growing drug problem.

All statistical info can be researched at: The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse


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