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Substance abuse is a major health concern in Canada and the United States. It is also a social ill manifested in family problems, lost productivity, and crime. Heroin, an opiate drug, has been viewed as a key player in this rapidly growing drug-dependent segment of society. While the number of heroin dependents is increasing at an alarming rate, a previously unrecognized opiate dependency is moving to the forefront - prescription painkillers. Chronic pain sufferers, surgical patients and cancer patients seeking relief from pain are prescribed pain medication by their physicians and subsequently become opiate dependent.

Opiate Addiction
Opiate dependency was once viewed as a condition with no solution.  Patients with opiate physical dependency were considered to have inherited an addictive personality or psychological disorder or to have suffered with a dysfunctional family life.  The medical community lacked the desire to find a treatment for what they believed was a hopeless condition and refused to deal with it.

Opiate Detox
Rapid detox revolutionized the treatment of opiate addictions almost 10 years ago, allowing patients to return to a productive life in a matter of days and...

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