Suicide Prevention

Suicide PreventionSuicide is a situation that hurts every one involved. Suicide is an especially grievous situation when an addict or alcoholic takes his or her own life in spite of the fact there are thousands of programs available to end the root problem which is addiction. Addiction Enders is aware of the fact that only a small number of the overall population is suicidal but comparatively speaking, that number is dramatically increased when only looking at the Alcoholics and Addicts of the world. If you are feeling suicidal please read on. We care.

We have included this heading Stop Suicide, so in the event that a visitor to this site is suicidal he or she may find the appropriate immediate help quickly and efficiently. Addiction Enders is not a suicide prevention firm and we are not affiliated with the organizations recommended below. They are however the professionals in that specific field, and we strongly urge anyone feeling suicidal to reach out and contact someone who can help. Suicide is a tragic loss. Treatment for potential suicide far out weighs the importance for drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

If you are feeling suicidal please give yourself five minutes to read this document.


Other Resources


A national crisis hotline links callers to local crisis centers: Call 1-800-SUICIDE, a hotline service of the National Hopeline Network.
For crisis hotline help, you can call the Covenant House Nine-Line at 1-800-999-9999.
Their site on youth suicide is also helpful. Click here for the Covenant House website.




For local numbers and suicide information in Canada:

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